Just About Me

Greetings all, Peter Matthews here.

Just a little about me, I used to eat everything there was available, a bit of healthy but mainly high carbs and a lot of fat.

I recently had a lot of pains in my stomach, so once checked out, I was told I was riddled with inflammation that was causing so much pain. The doctors say it’s genetic, but my feeling is its gotta be down to my diet, as my diet was so poor.

I recently started eating healthy, along with trying to introduce fasting into my diet, but that’s tough, as a result I’m feeling so much better already, which is surprising.

I’m not really a techie, but just wanted to create this blog to start documenting things that interest me, mainly from a health point of view.

I hope you enjoy what I post, it won’t be too much, but it will be dribs and drabs.