5 Foods That You MUST Not Eat To Help You Lose The Tummy Fat

We look at fruit as a low calorie option that we can eat as snacks, or instead of dinner, that’s healthy for our body’s, but this isn’t the case for all types of fruit, or example, many fruit contain as must sugar as chocolate.


apricotsApricots are a heavy fruit that can lead to indigestion.

Apricots have a stone in the middle that contains Amygdalin that if eaten forms hydrogen cyanide in the stomach.

Hydrogen cyanide is a potent poison that can cause dizziness, nausea and possible fainting.

Strawberries are an extremely good fruit to provide nutrition to the body. The strawberry contains vitamin C, fibre, very little sugar and lots of water.


Pears can affect your intestines and your bowel movements by their powerful constipating effect, and should be avoided if you have slow to no bowel movements.

Melons and watermelons are a great substitute as they contain lots of water and fibre and help remove toxins from the body, along with helping fight conditions such as acne.

Melons and watermelons are great to take when it’s hot as they help to re-hydrate, thus restoring the water balance within your body, which is great for your skin and a healthy figure.


avocadosIf you’re looking to lose fat, adding avocados to your diet may not be the fruit for you.

Avocados are sometimes called ‘butter fruit’ as they have a whopping 227kcal intake.

A better alternative are Forest Berries as they have an extremely low sugar content, contain vitamins C and antioxidants in abundance that won’t harm your figure.


Grapes are not advisable to take if you’re really looking to get into that small dress for the summer.

The rind on grapes is hard to digest and the grape itself contains a lot of sugar, with the seeds congesting in the intestines. Also, acids in the grapes can damage tooth enamel.

A better alternative are apples as they are among the best fruits for fitness. Apples have no fats whatsoever and there energy levels are 6 to 100 kcal.

Apples contain lots of fibre that help to fight cellulite and reduce antioxidants and pectins.


bananasBananas are the most energetic fruit that digests slowly, and scientists have recently found there are certain substances in bananas that stop the activity of cells responding to fat splitting.

A great alternative is grapefruit as its the number one in the fight against excessive weight because of his powerful fat burning, with the increase in enzymes that help actively process the calories.

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